Parking in Snowmass Village

The Town of Snowmass Village manages free and paid parking lots. Regulations and enforcement change according to seasons and snow removal needs, so please abide by signage posted on lots for up-to-date information. Please note that there is NO CAMPING in Town of Snowmass Village parking lots.

Where to Park

Free Park & Ride:

Town Park / Rodeo Lot:

Free day skier parking is available at Town Park station at the entryway of Snowmass Village. The Village Shuttle provides frequent rides directly to the mountain every 10 minutes. 

Brush Creek Intercept Lot:

The Brush Creek Intercept Lot is located off of Highway 82 at Brush Creek road. It provides ample free parking with frequent shuttle service directly to the slopes.

Town Park & Ride

Village Parking Lots:

During the winter ski season (Thanksgiving - April), the numbered Village Lots are paid permit parking only. Residents, seniors, employees, and lodging guests may obtain parking permits for the numbered Village Lots by visiting our Parking Permits Webpage.

Free short-term parking for shopping at the Mall is always available in Lot 6 and the upper portion of Lot 5.

In the summer, parking in all of the Village Lots and the Base Village Parking Garage is FREE. Please note that there is NO CAMPING in Town of Snowmass Village parking lots.

Please refer to our lodging map for information on the location of parking lots and their proximity to area lodges, amenities, and free village shuttle stops. 

Base Village Parking Garage is located near the ski area and during the winter ski season offers 1 hour of free parking and $8 per additional hour up to a maximum of $56 per day. Paid Parking is enforced from 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Outside of the winter season parking is free. There is no overnight public parking.

Village Lots

Large Vehicle & Trailer Parking

During the summer season, large trucks and small trailers may be permitted to occupy spaces in the numbered Village Lots for short periods of time and depending on size. During the winter season, these lots are restricted and are not available for trailers.

Call the parking department at 970-923-2543 for help and advice parking your truck or trailer, and please follow the steps below to avoid being fined and/or towed.

  • Use the contact information form and place on your vehicle and/or trailer to
  • Contact information must be attached to the truck or trailer and in a visible location
  • Trucks and trailers must be separated and angle parked
  • Large trucks must be angle parked at the back of lot 11 or 12
  • Enough clearance must always be provided so that a fire truck and/or ambulance could pass through

Please contact the Police Department for advice and escort information for large vehicles, deliveries, and trailers in Snowmass Village.