Rider Guide

Finding Your Route & Shuttle Stop

In Snowmass, our system uses a designated route number system. The routes are displayed on the front head sign and side sign of our coaches. If your destination is a specific condo, it is served by a designated route number. If your destination is a public space, such as the Village Mall or Base Village, it will be served by most routes. 

To make things easy, determine which route you will need when you check in to your accommodations. Bus stops are conveniently located near all condominium and hotel complexes in Snowmass Village. You can find your nearest stop in the following ways:

Find Your Shuttle:

Signaling a Shuttle

When standing at a bus stop alongside a street, flag down the bus you want to ride. If many buses are approaching, it is sometimes helpful to flash a number with your hand so the drivers can determine the bus you need. For example, if a Route 3 shuttle is passing but you want Route 2, simply hold up two fingers and the Route 3 operator will pass on by. At night, wave a lighted or reflective device (phones work well) so our drivers can see you. 

Some stops along Wood Road, Faraway Road, and Meadow Road are "by-request" only. If you are at a stop that is by-request, call us at 970-923-3500.

Getting Off the Shuttle

If you are unsure of your stop, please ask our Shuttle drivers. They are there to assist you and know the village well. When your stop is approaching, let the driver know. Either say “next stop,” or pull the cord if the bus is so-equipped. Please allow the bus to pass before crossing the street or cross behind the bus.

Other Rider Tips & Shuttle Rules:

  • No smoking, food, drinks, weapons, offensive language, or loud music is permitted
  • Tell your driver your destination when boarding the bus. We want to help make sure you get to the right place.
  • Don't disturb others with your cell phone conversations
  • Yield seats to senior and passengers with disabilities
  • Stand behind the yellow line, and don't block the doors
  • If you're unsure, just ask. Our drivers are always happy to help.

Village Shuttle Goals

Your safety, comfort, and convenience while using our service is our number one concern. Our goal is to not only to get you from A to B, but to welcome you to Snowmass Village and be your free ride to everything our community has to offer. 

For more information, download our complete Polices and Procedures for the Use of the Town of Snowmass Village Public Transportation.