Tips for a Safe Riding Experience
Your safety is our primary concern. Please review the following before riding the Village Shuttle:
  • Allow passengers to exit before boarding a coach
  • Stand behind the yellow “standee” line
  • When your stop is approaching, let the driver know. Either say, “next stop” or pull the cord if the bus is so-equipped
  • Please allow the bus to pass before crossing the street or cross behind the bus
  • Never step in front of a bus to stop it
  • Many of our buses do not have ski racks. When boarding, try to hold your skis as vertical as possible to avoid contact with other passengers.Take a seat as quickly as possible and hold your skis during your journey
  • Be considerate of fellow passengers. Do not use offensive language on the bus. Speak softly to others and into a cellular phone. Please keep your feet off the seats
  • No smoking of any substance in any manner on any coach